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* Served with rice and beans

Beef or Chicken Fajitas10.95

* Jalisco Dinner9.95

A chalupa and two cheese enchiladas al carbón

* Rico Dinner9.25

Beef taco, cheese enchilada, taco al carbón and chile con queso puff

* Tampico Dinner7.95

Beef taco, cheese enchilada, tamale, and chile con queso puff

* Guanajuato Dinner9.25

Beef taco, beef and cheese enchilada, and chile con queso puff

* Miguel Special9.25

Two shrimp enchiladas topped with Spanish sauce, Monterey cheese, served with guacamole salad

Lunch Taco Salad8.95

Crispy flour tortilla shell fried to a golden brown, lettuce, tomato and carrot, and your choice of beef or chicken fajita, topped with American cheese and Ranch dressing

* #15 Alambres10.95

Charbroiled skewers with onion, mushrooms, tomato, and bell pepper. Served with charro beans, guacamole, and pico de gallo

Two Quesadillas8.95

Flour tortilla with your choice of beef or chicken fajita, Monterey jack cheese, served with guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream


Beef deluxe taco, chile con queso puff and a chalupa deluxe

Tostada Special8.95

Crispy flour tortilla topped with your choice of beef or chicken fajita, refried beans, lettuce, tomato and sour cream, served with guacamole

* Presidente Special9.25

One taco al carbon topped with chili gravy and cheese, one crispy beef taco, and one chile con queso

* Carina Special8.95

Two spinach enchiladas. Spinach sautéed with mushrooms in a special blend of spices, wrapped in a flour tortilla, topped with Spanish sauce and white cheese, and chile con queso on the side

Saltillo Special9.95

Fajita and guacamole burrito topped with a bowl of our delicious tortilla soup, rice, and pico de gallo

Two Fish Tacos10.95

Breaded or grilled fish with your choice of corn or flour tortilla, served with rice, charro beans, cilantro dressing, red cabbage, and pico de gallo

Guadalajara Special8.95

* Tamale Dinner8.95

Two tamales with chili gravy and one crispy beef taco

* #10 Costillas10.95

Charbroiled ribs topped with grilled onion, served with guacamole and tortillas

* Taco Dinner9.25

Three beef tacos

* Tacos al Carbón9.95

Two tacos al carbón topped with chile con queso, served with pico de gallo

* #25 Flautas8.95

Two beef or chicken flautas topped with chile con queso, served with sour cream

* Tamayo Dinner9.95

One beef taco and two enchiladas al carbón

Burrito Special9.95

Ground beef or your choice of fajita burrito topped with chili gravy and melted cheese. Served with rice, charro beans, and pico de gallo

* Carne Guisada9.95

Seasoned beef chunks, served with tortillas

Chicken Empanadas8.95

Three grilled chicken empanadas stuffed with roasted corn, black beans, red bell pepper, and cilantro seasoning. Served with chile con queso

Pollo a la Parrilla10.95

Boneless charbroiled chicken breast topped with Monterey cheese, mushrooms, onion, and bell pepper

Chile Relleno9.95 | With Shrimp 10.95

Poblano pepper stuffed with beef or chicken, served with rice and charro beans

Puebla Special10.95

4 oz chicken fajita, 4 oz shrimp covered with mushrooms and white cheese, served with tortillas

Palenque Special10.95

One crispy beef taco, one cheese enchilada, and 5 oz fajita steak. Served with rice, charro beans, and pico de gallo

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